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Weight Loss Hygienically

          Hygienics can provide an optimum nutrional plan specially designed for you and the types of foods you enjoy eating. Proper food-combining principles using the ACID/ALKALINE BALANCE PH method, plus Hygienic Principles, will ensure the quickest, safest, most natural way for digestive efficiency, plus increasing your nerve energy, while naturally losing weight at an alarming rate without starving yourself.

Body Building & Exercising Hygienically

         Hygienics will increase body strength and energy beyond your current strength. Your endurance will increase beyond what you now consider normal. The tone of your muscle tissue will be healthier, giving rise to better symmetry, faster tissue and muscle regeneration, and a reduced likelihood of tissue and nerve damage resulting from overextending yourself. Nevertheless, this is not a green light to abuse your body. Your body has limits, so respect and listen to your body's language when it speaks to you. Hygienics is merely expanding those limits within natural bounds.

Digestive Disorders

         It does not matter what you each as much as it matters what your body is able to assimilate from the food eaten. Applying Hygienics to your diet will ensure good digestion for optimum health.

 Arthritis Disorders

         Hygienics will rid the joints and muscles of unwanted deposits called uric crystals that are the major cause of your pain, providing permanent damage has not set in. Even in severe cases, the amount of pain one is experiencing will lessen.

Heart Problems

         Hygienics can eliminate and melt the cholesterol PLAQUE build up in the arteries leading to a narrowing of passages and blockages at times that cause high blood pressure and heart attacks. Hygienics will also strengthen tissue and muscle around the heart after an attack.

Eye Disorder

         Hygienics in some cases can correct the need for corrective lenses and definitely will improve whatever eye sight you already possess. An increase in color brightness will also be noticed along with a healthier eye.

Skin Disorder

         Hygienics in many cases can correct many forms of skin disorders by eliminating internal toxicosis which is a toxic overload in the blood and tissues. Hygienics will clear this up and allow the person to radiate natural skin beauty from the inside out.

Bronchial Disorder

          Hygienics can bring relief to those with severe breathing problems, eliminating the cause usually resulting from the type of foods consumed or from the enviroment causing the problem, or both.

General Health Disorder

         Hygienics can improve many health disorders by applying hygienic principles which allow the human organism to regenerate itself to renewed health. We teach you how to allow the living organism to perform it work in repairing itself. Remeber that toxic blood conditions give rise to many diseases, and clean blood give rise to optimum health. The LIFE and HEALTH is in the BLOOD. That's the secret.



​          This course is a natural health and healing course, and as such, we educate health seekers into a lifestyle of healthful living, which is not a substitute for medical treatment.  This lifestyle is one of Natural Hygiene.  For any medical problems and treatments that you may wish to allow the medical physician to treat you for, you should do so for those that are from the past and those in the future.  We are not physicians or psychologists or its related fields, and neither do we hold ourselves out as such.  We are Natural Health & nutrition teachers and consultants, and nothing in our teachings is for the purpose of diagnosing, curing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, preventing, or caring for disease in any way or manner whatsoever.  Our teachings are for the purpose of building and maintaining a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.  

         Students are presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to become part of an elite class of Natural Health Teachers and Holistic Nutrition Teachers that possess a specialized knowledge concerning Natural health and its restoration and preservation through natural, unadulterated means and methods.  


This is a health format based on the acid/alkaline diet that allows the tissues of the body to oxygenate them to a superior state of health and vigor.  This course will provide the student with an effective detox format to promote a clean inner living environment for the body and weight loss.

Nature of Disease

​This course will teach the true nature of disease.  It will show the student that "cure" can only be accomplished by the body, and that it is progressive or regressive in nature.  Those mental, emotional, and physical habits that are wasting our energy levels must be abandon to restore proper nerve energy to maintain pristine health.  

Laws of Life

This course introduces the student to a set of laws that govern human life, and which, if not obeyed, will cause health to fail.  These laws are used by Natural Health Practitioners in the care of the sick.  If these laws are obeyed, health will be the rule.

The Medical Mentality vs. The Hygienic Mentality

This course addresses the mind set of the health community of today.  It demystifies the notion that once dis-ease starts there's nothing that can be done to regain perrfect health without the medical treatments.  The student will have a once in a lifetime to learn the hygienic concepts to restore health by natural means and conditions.  

Cause of Disease

This course will teach the one cause of disease according to Natural Hygiene.  This course will show the different stages through disease.  The student will learn the steps required to reverse the disease process with natural means and influences.  

Natural Health Essay

​This section will allow the student to share their experience in learning the information contained in the entire Natural Health course.