Natural Hygiene is the natural science of health restoration and its preservation by natural unadulterated means.

          The practice of Hygiene increases the quality of health to its optimum potential, increasing nerve energy. What is nerve energy? Nerve energy is functional power. The nerve is the grand conductor of motive power and sensory impulses. The energy of nerves is the life of tissues, organs, muscles, circulation of blood and many other functional purposes. Nerves are continuous with its energy. The bodily parts are mechanical, and must await orders for action from the brain through the nervous system packed as it is with impulses to action, that it conveys to all parts of the body. Without the nervous system the body could not for a moment preserve the unity and coherence which constitutes the ideal of physical perfection . Nerves control every part of our body such as powerful muscular actions, emotions, digestion,  circulation of the blood and many other functions of our organisms.

          Any habit may increase or decrease nerve energy and the secret to increasing nerve energy is simply to possess the hygienic knowledge to do so, and to learn how to avoid nerve depleting habits that enervate (poison) the body through a blood condition known as "toxicosis" which 99% of the world's population harbor. 

          We at CryingInTheWilderness and Back2eden4good, counsel students and teach them the secret concept that is needed to possess optimum physical health.

Hygienic Objective

         Hygienics is the practice of natural hygiene which is the natural unadulterated science of health restoration and it's preservation by natural unadulterated means. 

          Hygienics is not medical treatment,  it does not believe in the use of drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and whatever other means that are not natural. Hygiencs cures nothing and does not treat symptoms.  Hygienics teaches a student the condition needed to attain optimum health naturally. Hygienics believes in removing cause of all physical disorders so the nerve energy will be restored, along with functional power. When all conditions for health are met, then , and only then, will one secure optimum health.   

          Crying In The Wilderness will help you to attain optimum physical and mental health through a natural philosophy. The time for you to take control of your health is now, and why not, no one else but self will.