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We believe that the body heals itself, and disease is merely remedial action by which the body uses to eliminate the accumulated toxins out through abnormal elimination routes. The living organism is one of self-repairing, self-defending, self-constructing, and self-preserving. When your body works the way nature intended, your spirit soars--and so do you.



As Hygienist, we do not believe that there exist any mode of healing other than self-healing. We do not employ medicines, herbs, supplements, or therapies with hopes of curing​ the body. Teaching the correct ways to relate to our environment for prestine  health is the one and only job of a Hygienist. We intelligently employ those materials and influences that are scientifically proven to restore health in the sick and maintain health in the well.

Please don't take chances with your health. A wellness plan that's easy to understand and follow through on is key to good health all through your life. Make Natural Hygiene a cornerstone of that plan, and you're well on your way to living a life that's active and free from pain.


  1. Blood Sugar Levels
  2. Nerve Energy
  3. The Ideal Diet
  4. Cause of Dis-ease


  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Nature of Disease
  • Wellness Strategies
  • Cause of Dis-ease
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Nerve Energy
  • The Ideal Diet
  • Fasting For Health